Meet Dr. Jinglin Sun

meet dr jinglin sun

On Being a Dentist

Since I began my dental education in 1991 in Peking University School of Dentistry, I take my responsibilities as a dentist very seriously. It’s important that each person understand why it’s important to keep their dental health in excellent shape. My staff and I spend time educating our patients and finding care solutions that are right for them. All of us want our patients to have healthy mouths and great smiles!

I know some patients are worried about seeing a dentist. That’s why it’s important I only offer painless dental care, in a warm and safe environment. I always work at a speed the patient is comfortable with, talking with them about their concerns, and providing reassurance and encouragement. It’s a great feeling when a patient, who was fearful, is smiling at the end of a visit and thanks us for the care we’ve provided.

I value the relationships I develop with my patients. Learning about their lives and interests, and sharing stories about their experiences, are some of the most rewarding aspects of being a dentist. We become close and I look forward to each person’s visits as a time to hear the latest news about their family and what’s been happening in their life.

Education and Continuing Education

As a dentist, it’s essential I stay aware of the changes in treatment processes and options, and the new technologies. My patients rely on me to provide them with the best care and I promise to do so, always. I attend many seminars and conferences throughout the year, both as a presenter of my work which appears in peer-reviewed journals, and as a learner.

Professional Memberships

Away from the Office

As the mother of two young children, my home life is very family centered. My wonderful children have helped me better understand the specific care needs and approaches required to providing dental treatment to my younger patients.

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